Essay plan

I’ve been collecting information online about the positive and negative aspects of video games and its impact on young peoples health. Below is a sketch of my essay structure so that it helps me to organise my essay much easier. This also include the 5 references that will support my essay.

5 academic references:

Prot, S. McDonald, K. Anderson, & C. Gentile, D. (2012).Video Games: Good, Bad, or Other?. Pediatric clinics of North America, 59(3), 647-658.

Dorman, S M. (1997).Video and Computer Games: Effect on Children and Implications for Health Education. The Journal of School Health, 67(4), 133-138.

Ferguson, C J. (2011). Video Games and Youth Violence: A Prospective Analysis in Adolescents. J Youth Adolescence, 40(1), 377-391.

Martin K, (2011). Electronic Overload: The Impact of Excessive Screen Use on Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing. Department of Sport and Recreation, Perth, Western Australia.

Australians Communication and Media Authority. (2010). Trends in media use by children and young people. Australians Communication and Media Authority


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