How do we distinguish between old and new communication technologies?

When the camera became digital or when the bottoms on a mobile phone developed into a touch screen they suddenly became “old” technologies and will soon be inaccessible in our society. Looking in a broader perspective these items and technology are still “new” compared to the time when they did not even exist. As Marco C. Yzer and Brian G. Southwell described in their article New Communications Technologies, “new media” is all about providing new or previously rare contexts for information expression and increase human interaction (Southewell, & Yezer 2008). Also, that developed communication technologies, such as the Iphone, has had a significant impact on our society. In a historical perspective, the first phone, camera, computer and TV are still new technologies due to their importance in our world development in communication and globalisation. However, communication technology will always be evolving and upgrading itself. The old Nokia phone that my parents used in the 90’s would today be considered as old technology compared to today’s smartphone, as these phones have increased human interaction and engagement by making it easier to stay connected with friends and family on a global level.

Reference: Southewell, B. & Yezer, M. (2008). New Communication Technologies, Old Questions. American Behavioral Scientist, 52(1), 8-20. Retrieved from,%2BOld%2BQuestions..pdf


Welcome to my blog!

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My name is Linnea, a very happy girl from Sweden and I have been living in Australia for a year now. Started a Bachelor of Business but realised after one semester that it wasn’t my thing and enrolled to a Bachelor Of Communication and Media instead. I’m very interested about the world, I will never stop travelling and would like to work for a international company. I haven’t figure out exactly in what kind of business I want to get involved in, but I see myself as the ‘link’ between the company and the costumers within the country they are operating in. I think that this course, new communication technology, will help me explore and gain a greater understanding of how important the technology is in our world and how different technologies have made everyday life and business a little bit easier.

Thanks to Apple Iphone, I can call and text my family and friends back in Sweden for free! Absolutely amazing when you think about it.