What is Cyberspace?

What is cyberspace? Do we live in a cyberspace world or does it belong to another world beyond humans? Is it robots or something more advance that has the ability to control and live on its own? What exactly is cyberspace? I think we can look at cyberspace from a real and non-real perspective. For most people, cyberspace is something unreal, advanced technology interacting with humans and controlling our world, such as the movie Terminator, Blade Runner and Transformers.  Are these movies showing us the future? Are we moving into a world where humans and advanced technology go hand in hand? Will humans be able to connect their brains to the cyber network as in The Matrix movie and therefore access unlimited data? One definition of cyberspace is that it refers to the nonphysical environment created by joined computers interoperating on a network. (Wisegeek, n.d., para. 1). It is the idea that humans can interface with machines and that computers interact in a similar way to the real world, except cyberspace interaction does not require physical interaction (Ottis & Lorents, 2010, p. 1). Information in cyberspace, such as the World Wide Web, can be exchanged in real or delayed time, and people can share, shop, research, work or play.

The cyberspace environment such as the Internet is existing and real. In the video below, Captain Scott Hinck from Barksdale Air Force Base in LA, U.S. explains the importance of defending against cyberspaces vulnerabilities. The video shows that cyberspace is something real, a world we are living in right now, and how simple a person can hack into military systems with a computer. Is the movement of human interaction with technology and machines starting to develop a new world that some of us will be a part of while others will be left behind? Just like the move Hunger Games.


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Key moments in cyberpunk history

Cyberpunk is often associated with high tech, future, darkness and the interaction between humans and machines. Something that seems to be the real world in the future, but yet we see cyberspace as a world of its own. Films like Blade Runner and The Matrix are based on humans connecting with technology and how technology is starting to replace humans. Is cyberspace and cyberpunk another world or does it exist in present time?

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