Facebook or no Facebook?

Facebook is everywhere these days, in our everyday life, in business, in schools and on our phones. It has become a big part of our life and the way we communicate with each other. So what happens if you choose not to sign up for Facebook? Will you be seen as a strange person, who might just want to be alone or who doesn’t care about the latest news in school, at work or in your circle of friends? A lot of young adults and teenagers feel that they have to sign up to not be left behind. How else are they going to find out about a birthday party or find out about gossip? Even in relation to work, employers are interested in your Facebook account to be able to look you up. Employers can also start to wonder who you are if you don’t have a Facebook account and this has become an issue for applicants (Goessl, 2012, p. 1). What if people choose not sign up due to security and privacy reasons?

When signing up on Facebook, users give away a lot of information about them self which they are not aware of. It can make it harder for people to reinvent themselves and when you sign up you agree that it’s Facebook that owns the rights to do as it pleases with your data, and to sell access to it to whomever is willing to pay (Rowan, 2010, p. 1). The question is should you sign up or not? If we could live a life without Facebook before it came in to action, what makes us believe that we can’t do the same today?


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Social Media survey

This survey has been on my Facebook page for a week and from my findings, Facebook is the most popular social media tool with a 100% usage followed by Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. The average age for this survey was 15-25 and the three main reasons to have a social media page were to stay in contact with friends and family, to share music, videos and photos and to make professional business contacts. In the last question about the future of Facebook, 75% did not believe Facebook will decline in number of users but 50% answered that Instagram will be the new social media network that might take over Facebook.

Social Media Survey